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What are Conviv Infusions?

Conviv Infusions are two non-alcholic basis for cocktails with a unique taste, based on natural ingredients, 100% Made in Italy and wit low calories (24kcal/100g). Shaken with ice or blended with tonic, you can create elegant drinks with a unique taste and perfect for every occasion.

How are they manufactured?

We personally select the raw materials from the Italian territory, that are processed by hand to preserve their properties. After a cold infusion of over 30 days to capture their unique qualities, they are blended with the grape juice to give our infusions a unique taste.

What are Conviv Rosso’s ingredients?

Water, grape juice, infusions of aromatic herbs, bitter plants, spices and citrus fruits, lime juice, preservative: potassium sorbate; natural colorant: plant extracts. Gluten and lactose free.

What are Conviv Bianco’s ingredients?

Water, grape juice, infusion of citrus fruits, aromatic herbs and roots, lime juice, preservative: potassium sorbate. Gluten and lactose free.

What’s their taste?

Conviv Rosso blends the grape juice’s sweetness, the rhubarb’s, cinchona’s and gentian’s bitterness, and the fresh citrus notes for a bitter and taste.

Conviv Bianco combines the grape juice’s sweetness, the fresh citrus notes and the herbs intensity for a delicate and Mediterranean taste.


Are the Infusions produced in Italy?

Yes, Conviv Infusions use only ingredients from the Italian territory and are produced in the province of Milan.


Are they alcohol-free?

Yes, Conviv Infusions are alcohol free.


How many calories do they have?

Conviv Rosso has 24kcal / 100g and Conviv Bianco 25kcal / 100g.


Do they contain lactose or gluten?

No, Conviv Infusions are lactose and gluten free.


Once opened, how shall I store them?

We suggest to preserve the Infusions far from sources of heat. Moreover, we suggest to store them in fridge to preserve their organoleptic characteristics.

How many drinks can I create with a Conviv bottle?

The number of drinks varies according to the type of consumption adopted. Together with tonic/soda/sparkling water, a bottle of 70cl usually creates around 15 drinks.


By when shall I consume the Infusions?

Conviv Infusions must be consumed before the expiration date in the retro label. Once opened, we suggest to drink it within 3 months.


How can I consume Conviv Infusions?

Conviv Infusions are versatile basis for elegant and balanced drinks with unique taste. For a first tasting, we suggest the following recipes:

  • Conviv & tonic: 30ml Infusion, 100ml tonic, slice of orange (perfect with Conviv Rosso) or of lemon (ideal with Conviv Bianco)

  • Conviv shaken: 90ml Infusion shaken with lots of ice. A peel of orange or lemon completes the drink.

At the following link you can find the guidelines and other recipes to create perfect drinks for you and your beloved ones.


Where can I purchase Conviv?

Conviv is available on our website across the European Union. Moreover, we are available in selected top bars in Italy and in top selling online platforms.

Can I drink Conviv while pregnant?

Conviv’s products are alcohol free. We recommend to contact a professional doctor for questions related to your consumption habits while pregnant.


Can Conviv Bianco and Conviv Rosso be blended together?

Conviv Bianco and Conviv Rosso can be blended together wot create cocktails even more unique; we suggest to follow the recipes available on our website

Can I sell Conviv?

Send us an email to with all the info concerning your business and a member of our team will contact you.

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